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Introduction to the baby weaning website

Weaning your baby is both an exciting and frustrating time for parents. Introducing your child to new flavours, textures and ensuring they have a nutritious and balanced diet is all part of the fun.

On the Baby Weaning Recipes website you will find simple recipes to help your child progress from milk to baby rice and purees, right through lumpy foods, finger feeding, baby led weaning and toddler meals.

Whilst most children will try a wide variety of foods, some are a little fussier than others so we have some ideas for encouraging them to eat too.

This site is 100% free. We welcome recipes from our visitors. If you have any healthy recipes that we should add to our site, please feel free to contribute via the Baby Weaning Recipes contact page

How to find baby weaning recipes

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We have a ever growing number of recipes for you and your children to try. Some recipes are simple and quick to prepare from everyday ingredients that most people have in their cupboards or fridge. Others are more complicated and may require a trip to the supermarket/shops to gather the correct ingredients. Either way, there should be a meal option within the site for everyone!.

To view an entire list of all the recipes on this site, please follow this link - List of all baby weaning recipes and toddler meals.
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